One "Test" Worth Everything: The Enneagram [with Josh Green + Liz Carver of JustMyEnneatype]

Today's episode is all about the Enneagram, including an interview with the creators of the popular Instagram account @JustMyEnneatype, Josh Green and Liz Carver. Now, you might be thinking: "wait, WHAT is the Enneagram?!" If you've never heard of it, don't worry, I got you covered. I explain all about the Enneagram, which is a model of the human psyche that helps improve your spiritual life (and your relationships with others as a result.) And then we'll dive into the interview with Josh and Liz to ask deeper questions about the Enneagram, and why people are so into the Enneagram all of a sudden. The Enneagram has deepened my self-awareness and spirituality in a powerful way, so I'm excited to share it with you today. Hopefully you enjoy this introduction to the Enneagram and allow it to help you in your life, too.
A huge thank you to Josh Green and Liz Carver of JustMyEnneatype for being on the show!

Check out their massively creative and popular Instagram account @justmyenneatype.

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