Wait, let me get a pen: notes on bravery [with Ashley Abramson]

On today's episode, I interview Ashley Abramson, a writer who is so brave she deserves a spot in Gryffindor, for sure. Ashley writes for the New York Times, The Cut and many more publications about topics like motherhood and mental health. A few examples of her articles are: "I Got Married Before I Was Ready", "This Is What Postpartum Anxiety Feels Like" and "A Motherless Daughter, Mothering". Sharing that stuff on the interwebs? That's what I call bravery. "We don't write FOR love and acceptance. We write FROM love and acceptance." — Ashley Tune in to hear how Ashley manages to turn her pain into something helpful for other people through her super personal articles. (I have to admit, I was taking notes the entire time she spoke. She's a rockstar.)
A huge thank you to Ashley Abramson for being on the show!

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