Turning toward God during life’s most difficult moments [with Mario Callejas]

In this episode we're going deep, covering a topic, frankly, I'm terrified of: how to turn toward God instead of away from God during life's most difficult moments. This is an interview, the first interview on the Kin podcast!, with someone very special nonetheless: Mario Callejas. Mario is a video producer (he'll tell us about how he got his start at GoPro when the company was just starting out), a musician, songwriter, and aspiring theologian perhaps? And bonus, Mario has been a great friend of mine for, oh, maybe two decades now? And bonus bonus, Mario is the creator of this podcast's music.

Special thanks to Mario Callejas for providing the music for the Kin show and hanging out with us today! Check out his music on Spotify.

Books mentioned throughout the show:
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