Dark yet clarifying times

On episode 33, I give an update on my last six months — but more importantly, I share how I'm "turning on the light" during this COVID-19 darkness we have all been plunged into. These are dark yet clarifying times, are they not?
Thanks for tuning in to episode 33! Over six months since my last episode, I'm going to catch you up on what's been going on in my corner ... but more importantly, I'll tell you how I'm "turning on the light" during this COVID-19 darkness we have all been plunged into.

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  • "The darkness of the soul is no less spiritually punishing than is the loss of physical light to the psyche. We talk about faith but cannot really tolerate the thought of it. It’s light we want, not shadow, certainty not questions. The aphotic, the place without images, is no less an attack on faith and hope than those periods in life when nighttime brings nothing but unclarity, nothing but fear. Where am I going? the soul wants to know. When will this be over? the mind wants to know. How can I get out of this sightless place I’m in? the heart demands." — Sister Joan Chittister 
  • “I wondered if my physical pain had been holding this despair at bay. Once my skeleton was healed, my soul finally was free to admit that she had taken a beating over these months as well.“ — Sarah Bessey
  • “We’ve got to stop depending on other people or outside events to meet our needs. We need to reverse the flow and draw it from the inside out—based on the absolute union between God and the soul—instead of from the outside in.“ — Father Richard Rohr
  • “We are not punished for our sins, we are punished by our sins (such as blindness, egocentricity, illusions, or pride).“ — Father Richard Rohr
  • "Pray for the courage to admit that you are not fine. And that when you say those words aloud that you would be met by love and care. I pray that you would remain open to participating in your own healing, even if it comes to you in ways that you resent and fear at first. Just because it’s new to you doesn’t mean God isn’t already waiting there for you in the doctor’s office, in the therapist’s room, on the page, in the conversation, in the solitude. May you welcome the love of God to your most tender places." — Sarah Bessey
  • “I can feel everything and survive. I can use pain to become.” — Glennon Doyle

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