Ay-oh: Unexpected spiritual inspiration from Freddie Mercury

During this episode, we'll discuss a topic I think about probably way too often, but it's also a topic I don't think others may not think about enough: purpose. Specifically, let's talk about what the actual purpose is of the things we do, what certain activities exist for, what is necessary and what maybe isn't so much, and how creativity fits into the whole picture.

Special thanks to Mario Callejas for providing the music for the Kin show and hanging out with us today! Check out his music on Spotify.

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Quotes mentioned during the episode:
  • “Yet creative expression is not only about expressing ourselves—not only about voicing our own thoughts and feelings, not only about exercising our own imaginations and vision. In a larger sense, creativity is about reflecting the image of God to the world. Whenever we create a beautiful photograph or a beautiful garden, we reflect some of God’s beauty. A beautiful friendship reflects some of God’s goodness and care. A beautiful meal expresses some of God’s provision in nourishing our physical bodies and nurturing relationships around our table. Just as the created world points us to the Creator, so human creativity also points us to God—inviting wonder, inspiring us to look beyond ourselves, giving us a glimpse of glory.” — Christianity Today
  • “When sports are at their best, the spirit of the fan merges with the spirit of the athlete, and in that convergence, in that transference, is the oneness that the mystics talk about.” — Phil Knight
  • “All this hurrying from place to place won’t bring you any relief, for you’re travelling in the company of your own emotions, followed by your troubles all the way.” — Seneca
  • "Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they close forever." — Anthony Doerr in All the Light We Cannot See

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