How motherhood increases creativity [with Mayi Carles]

On episode six of the Kin show, I'm publishing a conversation with artist Mayi Carles from 2016. At the time, her child was just a few months old, and she was starting the return to her work as an artist at the time we spoke. I loved her approach to how motherhood and creativity complement each other, and how she took such a gentle approach to her post-baby world. Being a new mom is not easy feat, and being a a new mompreneur adds another level of complexity to the mix.

Special thanks to Mario Callejas for providing the music for the Kin show and hanging out with us today! Check out his music on Spotify.

Topics mentioned throughout the show:
  • The gratification of feeling needed by our children
  • How children change our aspirations and appreciation of the present moment
  • Blog post by Mayi: Juggling Life As Girl Boss and New Mommy (Plus My Top 20 Comeback Tips
  • Why children become part of and change our work
  • How kids change our sleep patterns forever—even when they're fast asleep
  • The benefits of getting bored in her career life
  • How she chooses what to share online and what to keep private
  • "You want to work like you never had children and you want to be a mom like you don’t have a business." — Mayi Carles
  • Living the tension between super-mommy and girl-boss harmoniously
  • The effects parenting has on the ego
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