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They Said It, Not Me: 5 Quotes That Actually Moved Me

This episode is all about quotes—but not just any quotes. I'm talking about quotes that actually moved me to my core. In this 20-minute show, I'll share the five quotes that made a huge difference in my life and have changed the way I perceive other people's actions and, well, everything else, too. What are you favorite quotes? Share them me at @kinthestudio on Instagram.

Can I trust myself with you? The anatomy of boundaries

Ever have issues with a relationship? YEP, probably today! I don't know a single person that doesn't have some kind of relationship problem with someone in their lives. So today's episode is all about boundaries, limits you can put in place to make your relationships better.

I'm not crying, you're crying: My experience with post-weaning depression

The most personal episode I've recorded thus far, and by popular demand, actually. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the poll I put up about this week's episode, and every single person that voted wanted to hear about this topic, literally 100% of you voted for this: post-weaning depression. That's ... interesting? Today I'll share my very personal experience with post-weaning depression: what it is, how it happened to me, and how I came out the other end.

Is sacrifice really such a bad thing?

In today's episode, I'm covering something close to my heart these past few years, something I'm learning to cozy up to a little more each day, and that's sacrifice. It may not be the hottest topic, it may not be that much fun, but it's actually one of the greatest learnings parenting has gifted me, and I'm pumped to share the why behind all of it.

On serving others (and the backstory behind this show)

You're listening to the Kin podcast, episode number seven. I'm Marcella Chamorro, your host, and in this episode we'll talk about why it's so important that YOU exercise your creativity—and I'll go behind the scenes of how I convinced myself of the same thing: why I needed to create this Kin project, this Kin podcast.

How motherhood increases creativity (with Mayi Carles)

On episode six of the Kin show, I'm publishing a conversation with artist Mayi Carles from 2016. At the time, her child was just a few months old, and she was starting the return to her work as an artist at the time we spoke. I loved her approach to how motherhood and creativity complement each other, and how she took such a gentle approach to her post-baby world. Being a new mom is not easy feat, and being a a new mompreneur adds another level of complexity to the mix.

Five slamdunk affirmations for kids (+ you)

You're listening to the Kin podcast, episode five. I'm Marcella Chamorro, and in this episode I'm sharing five slamdunk affirmations I've taught my children. Bonus: they're not only great for kids—they're wonderful for you, too. Thanks for tuning in!

Ay-oh: Unexpected spiritual inspiration from Freddie Mercury

During this episode, we'll discuss a topic I think about probably way too often, but it's also a topic I don't think others may not think about enough: purpose. Specifically, let's talk about what the actual purpose is of the things we do, what certain activities exist for, what is necessary and what maybe isn't so much, and how creativity fits into the whole picture.

Turning toward God during life’s most difficult moments with Mario Callejas

In this episode we're going deep, covering a topic, frankly, I'm terrified of: how to turn toward God instead of away from God during life's most difficult moments. This is an interview, the first interview on the Kin podcast!, with someone very special nonetheless: Mario Callejas. Mario is a video producer (he'll tell us about how he got his start at GoPro when the company was just starting out), a musician, songwriter, and aspiring theologian perhaps? And bonus, Mario has been a great friend of mine for, oh, maybe two decades now? And bonus bonus, Mario is the creator of this podcast's music.

Do you ever feel like this? Hooked on achievement? Me too.

This episode is about a topic that, for years, I get asked about a ton in person and via email from readers of my blog: achievement. Particularly, identifying too strongly with achievement and not knowing how to unhook from it.

Grab a cup of coffee, it's the Kin show

You're listening to the Kin podcast, episode number UNO. I'm Marcella Chamorro, and in this episode I'll share what this podcast is about, the one unexpected thing that brought me closer to God and helped me finally understand the term "unconditional love".

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