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Gratitude: And we don’t talk about this everyday because...?

A Thanksgiving episode the week after the Thanksgiving holiday? That's right, and there's good reason for it, too. Episode 32 is all about gratefulness: allowing it to spill over into the other 364 days of the year and also opening ourselves up to being thankful for the "bad" stuff in our lives.

Are you scared to be yourself? Asking for a friend...

Episode 31 is all about being our true selves: who we feel we are in our gut, who God created us to be. Are you bringing your true self to your work, to your life? I discuss my own experience with this question.

The problem (and promise) of self-worth

On episode 30, I discuss two topics: self-worth and surrender. During my recent physical illness, I grappled with feeling worthless, for a very specific reason, and this episode will cover how I'm working to overcome that. In particular, the driving question behind this episode is: where does your self-worth come from?

Guess what? I'm pregnant (and I have hyperemesis gravidarum)

I'm back! With good news ... and bad news. In this episode, I discuss why I've been gone since my last episode (three months ago, yikes) and how I'm progressing in my recovery today: physically, emotionally, mentally, the whole thang. I missed you all—thanks for being patient with me, friends.

Minimalism: File this under the best kind of self-care

Episode 28 is about minimalism. In this episode, I'll discuss what minimalism is, what it isn't, the story of how I came across minimalism for the first time... but most importantly, what minimalism means to me. I'll share how I practice minimalism in my life, and how it has changed me on a spiritual level, too. Minimalism is dear to my heart, so, although it's a buzzword that gets a ton of negative press, I'm still excited to share my version of it with all of you.

Wait, let me get a pen: notes on bravery [with Ashley Abramson]

On today's episode, I interview Ashley Abramson, a writer who is so brave she deserves a spot in Gryffindor, for sure. Ashley writes for the New York Times, The Cut and many more publications about topics like motherhood and mental health. A few examples of her articles are: "I Got Married Before I Was Ready", "This Is What Postpartum Anxiety Feels Like" and "A Motherless Daughter, Mothering". Sharing that stuff on the interwebs? That's what I call bravery. "We don't write FOR love and acceptance. We write FROM love and acceptance." — Ashley Tune in to hear how Ashley manages to turn her pain into something helpful for other people through her super personal articles. (I have to admit, I was taking notes the entire time she spoke. She's a rockstar.)

It's you I like

Today, I'm telling you about the documentary that left me in tears—no, that's the understatement of the century—I was ugly crying under the covers. A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary on Fred Rogers (popularly known as Mr. Rogers) and it moved me to my core. In this episode, I'll break down why it made me cry, sure, but, way more importantly, the questions it made me ask myself about my parenting and the way I'm living my life. Are we enough just as we are or are we supposed to improve ourselves? Listen to the episode to hear where I fall on this issue.

One "Test" Worth Everything: The Enneagram [with Josh Green + Liz Carver of JustMyEnneatype]

Today's episode is all about the Enneagram, including an interview with the creators of the popular Instagram account @JustMyEnneatype, Josh Green and Liz Carver. Now, you might be thinking: "wait, WHAT is the Enneagram?!" If you've never heard of it, don't worry, I got you covered. I explain all about the Enneagram, which is a model of the human psyche that helps improve your spiritual life (and your relationships with others as a result.) And then we'll dive into the interview with Josh and Liz to ask deeper questions about the Enneagram, and why people are so into the Enneagram all of a sudden. The Enneagram has deepened my self-awareness and spirituality in a powerful way, so I'm excited to share it with you today. Hopefully you enjoy this introduction to the Enneagram and allow it to help you in your life, too.

Allow me to introduce you to: the God of Surprises

On today's episode of the Kin podcast, I'm talking about the God of Surprises. So many of us stick to the spiritual formation we received in grade school, but did you ever consider growing your relationship with God just as you do with other people as you age? We don't relate to our parents today the same way we did when we were five years old, right? Today, I ask you: how do you view God?

Can weakness be a *good* thing? [with Shannon Evans]

On episode 23, I speak to Shannon Evans, a spiritual writer exploring the connection between our relationships with God and the world. It was SO FUN to speak with Shannon! Tune in to hear us discuss everything from the spiritual beauty behind weakness to the spiritual hardships of motherhood.

My heart is broken (but you can help heal it)

It's episode 22 of the Kin podcast, and I'm discussing a question that changed my life: "What breaks your heart?" In particular, I share how I answer that question, the thing that breaks my heart, and a simple exercise to "fix" it. Thanks for tuning in!

Dear husband, I see you

Episode 21 is a kind of "happy birthday" episode. Today is JJ's birthday! And in honor of his big day, I decided to share some thoughts on sharing a life with someone, on partnering with someone long-term, on marriage, and of course, on love.

Mindfulness: A better life for zero dollars

It's episode 20! How did that happen?! Feels like a big milestone. And to celebrate, I'm bringing back a topic that has proved to be very popular in the past: mindfulness. See, a few years ago, I released a series on mindfulness which thousands of people signed up to receive. Thousands! I've improved it over time, and I'm excited to share it with you today. On this episode, I'll explain what mindfulness is and how it helps in my everyday life, and then you can sign up for my free email series called Mindfulness for Moms. Thanks for tuning in!

Looking at you, Future Self

On episode 19, we talk about Thor and his mom. Yeah, Thor, the superhero. Seriously. The gem of advice Thor's mom gave him got me thinking about our future selves, and ways we can do a better job of serving that future self — even when we're not quite sure what our future selves truly want. I have some questions for you that are worth thinking about, questions we've all been unconsciously grappling with for years, but I propose a way to get clear answers.

Permission to make mistakes? (+ the 4 worst mistakes I've made)

On episode 18, we're talking about a super cringe-worthy topic: mistakes. Don't we all loooove to make mistakes? Not. Particularly, this episode is about giving ourselves the permission to make mistakes—and the impact that can have in our lives. (Special note: this is especially important for children.) Tune in until the very end to hear some of the worst mistakes I've made in my life.

A (very unexpected) lesson after losing someone

Episode 17 is on a topic I never expected (or wanted to) discuss at all, but sometimes life throws you a curveball, right? Today's episode is about the very unexpected lesson I learned when I lost my grandmother this past weekend.

How to make soul friends (and keep them)

Episode 16 is all about friendship—but a very specific type of friendship I call "soul friendship." I'm talking about the kind of friends you do life with, who support you, love you and are there to steer you back toward shore when you're veering off course. Because who doesn't want more people on their team? It takes a specific set of skills to make (and keep!) soul friends. In this episode, I'll break down what soul friendships require to truly last.

A startup founder with a seeker vibe [with Adii Pienaar]

On episode 15, I speak to Adii Pienaar about his venture-backed startup and how his journey as a seeker influences his leadership style. We also dive into his newfound love for poetry and the self-care habits that keep him performing his best as a father and a startup founder.

A primer on centering prayer

This episode is all about centering prayer — what it is, what it isn't, how to do it, and why it's my absolute favorite practice. This practice isn't for everyone. If *meditation* isn't for everyone, centering prayer, when you add that spiritual layer on top of it and start saying things like Holy Spirit, yeah that *definitely* isn't for everyone, either. That's okay, keep listening! Learning some of the concepts related to centering prayer (like the false self and the ego) are worth the listen.

Stop trying + start trusting: discerning God's will

On episode 13, let's talk choices... How we choose? How do you decide between a few choices when you have no idea what follows either path? How do you decide knowing you want to pay close attention to what God wants for your life? How do we discern the will of God?

Bedazzling the hard parts of parenthood [update with Mayi Carles]

Episode 12 of the Kin podcast is an update with Mayi Carles! We last spoke to Mayi in episode 6, so now we get to hear what's been going on over the past three years. Namely, we'll discuss how she's learned to bedazzle the hard parts of parenthood and embrace her true self. Thanks, Mayi, for being on the show!

They said it, not me: 5 quotes that actually moved me

This episode is all about quotes—but not just any quotes. I'm talking about quotes that actually moved me to my core. In this 20-minute show, I'll share the five quotes that made a huge difference in my life and have changed the way I perceive other people's actions and, well, everything else, too. What are you favorite quotes? Share them me at @kinthestudio on Instagram.

Can I trust myself with you? The anatomy of boundaries

Ever have issues with a relationship? YEP, probably today! I don't know a single person that doesn't have some kind of relationship problem with someone in their lives. So today's episode is all about boundaries, limits you can put in place to make your relationships better.

I'm not crying, you're crying: My experience with post-weaning depression

The most personal episode I've recorded thus far, and by popular demand, actually. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the poll I put up about this week's episode, and every single person that voted wanted to hear about this topic, literally 100% of you voted for this: post-weaning depression. That's ... interesting? Today I'll share my very personal experience with post-weaning depression: what it is, how it happened to me, and how I came out the other end.

Is sacrifice really such a bad thing?

In today's episode, I'm covering something close to my heart these past few years, something I'm learning to cozy up to a little more each day, and that's sacrifice. It may not be the hottest topic, it may not be that much fun, but it's actually one of the greatest learnings parenting has gifted me, and I'm pumped to share the why behind all of it.

On serving others (and the backstory behind this show)

You're listening to the Kin podcast, episode number seven. I'm Marcella Chamorro, your host, and in this episode we'll talk about why it's so important that YOU exercise your creativity—and I'll go behind the scenes of how I convinced myself of the same thing: why I needed to create this Kin project, this Kin podcast.

How motherhood increases creativity [with Mayi Carles]

On episode six of the Kin show, I'm publishing a conversation with artist Mayi Carles from 2016. At the time, her child was just a few months old, and she was starting the return to her work as an artist at the time we spoke. I loved her approach to how motherhood and creativity complement each other, and how she took such a gentle approach to her post-baby world. Being a new mom is not easy feat, and being a a new mompreneur adds another level of complexity to the mix.

Five slamdunk affirmations for kids (+ you)

You're listening to the Kin podcast, episode five. I'm Marcella Chamorro, and in this episode I'm sharing five slamdunk affirmations I've taught my children. Bonus: they're not only great for kids—they're wonderful for you, too. Thanks for tuning in!

Ay-oh: Unexpected spiritual inspiration from Freddie Mercury

During this episode, we'll discuss a topic I think about probably way too often, but it's also a topic I don't think others may not think about enough: purpose. Specifically, let's talk about what the actual purpose is of the things we do, what certain activities exist for, what is necessary and what maybe isn't so much, and how creativity fits into the whole picture.

Turning toward God during life’s most difficult moments [with Mario Callejas]

In this episode we're going deep, covering a topic, frankly, I'm terrified of: how to turn toward God instead of away from God during life's most difficult moments. This is an interview, the first interview on the Kin podcast!, with someone very special nonetheless: Mario Callejas. Mario is a video producer (he'll tell us about how he got his start at GoPro when the company was just starting out), a musician, songwriter, and aspiring theologian perhaps? And bonus, Mario has been a great friend of mine for, oh, maybe two decades now? And bonus bonus, Mario is the creator of this podcast's music.

Do you ever feel like this? Hooked on achievement? Me too.

This episode is about a topic that, for years, I get asked about a ton in person and via email from readers of my blog: achievement. Particularly, identifying too strongly with achievement and not knowing how to unhook from it.

Grab a cup of coffee, it's the Kin show

You're listening to the Kin podcast, episode number UNO. I'm Marcella Chamorro, and in this episode I'll share what this podcast is about, the one unexpected thing that brought me closer to God and helped me finally understand the term "unconditional love".

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